National Qualifications — prior verification

Prior verification is a free service offered to centres that devise their own summative assessments, or that significantly change SQA’s assessments to suit their particular local needs. The service gives centres additional confidence that their proposed assessment is fit for purpose and meets national standards.

Submitting a prior verification request

Centres can submit prior verification requests for all levels and all units from National 1 to Advanced Higher. Before you start to develop a new assessment approach, you should ensure you use both the most up to date unit specification and subject review report.

Please ensure that you read the NQ Prior Verification centre guidance before submitting any prior verification requests.

Please use the NQ Prior Verification Form to submit your requests.

SQA may publish a prior verified assessment as part of our Understanding Standards programme, if the centre that submitted the assessment agrees to this.

Prior verification submission windows

Prior verification requests may be submitted during these windows:

We will work as fast as we can to complete your request, but please be aware it may take up to six weeks.

NQ Prior Verification Team

If you have any queries please contact the Prior Verification Team at or telephone 0345 213 6766.