How we select centres for verification - National Qualifications

Verification groups

For the purposes of verification, courses and units are grouped into subject verification groups (eg French, Spanish, German or Italian).

There are a number of reasons why  we select centres for verification in each of the groups. This might include their past verification history and the length of time since their last verification activity.  In addition we also carry out 'random' selections in all verification groups.

The volume of selections in each verification group is considered carefully. Centres should be aware that where courses include an internally assessed component (IACCA), verification will usually be more frequent.

When centres are selected in a verification group, this can be for any courses or units specified by SQA

Centre requests for selection

You may request external verification of any unit(s) or IACCA(s) during rounds 1 and 2. If you would like to request verification, please complete our contact form with details of the qualification, level(s) and unit(s) and/or IACCA(s) you would like verified. Requests for round 1 must be submitted by Tuesday 09 November 2021. Requests for round 2 must be submitted by Tuesday 11 January 2022.

National Qualifications - external verification

External verification is the process SQA uses to assure the quality of internal assessment, including internal verification, in centres. SQA uses two main methods of external verification - event and visiting.

What are the different types of external verification?