Diploma to Degree – advanced entry into degree programmes

Diploma to Degree

SQA’s HNDs are enabling students around the world to progress to degree courses and enter professions.

This year we welcomed new university partners in Australia.

Diploma to Degree

We continue to build a network of university progression partners to make it easy for our HND students around the world to study the degree they want, where they want.

Our progression partners recognise the quality of HND graduates and have mapped SQA HND programmes to articulate with their corresponding degree programmes so that students who hold HN diplomas can progress to the second or third year of those degrees.

Increasing HND recognition worldwide

SQA has represented this model of articulation on an international scale at a number of educational conferences over the past year including the NAFSA Annual Conference and Regional Conferences, ICEF Partnership Forum and EAIE Conference.

We carried out a range of activities across all of these conferences, enabling us to network with existing and potential new university partners to gain wider recognition of HNDs and more opportunities for our international students who wish to progress from diploma to degree.