Modifications to the Understanding Standards programme

20 October

Students in a class roomFollowing the Deputy First Minister’s recent announcement regarding changes to National Courses, we are in the process of planning the actions that will be required during the current academic session. This includes work to revise the National 5 course assessment arrangements for session 2017-18 as well as ensuring the secure delivery of the 2017 Diet and certification. We advised last week that as part of our capacity planning, we would modify our programme of Understanding Standards course events for session 2016-17.

The revised events schedule is now available:

We have prioritised the events which focus on course assessment at Advanced Higher, as session 2015-16 was the first year of implementation of courses at this level. As such, the Advanced Higher events will go ahead, however for some subjects we have reduced the number of events that are taking place. We have also cancelled a number of the additional Understanding Standards events that were scheduled.

Delegates who have already booked places at Understanding Standards events will be notified if the event has been cancelled or merged with another event for the same subject. Where the event has been merged with another, delegates will be offered a place at the alternative venue. For events which have been cancelled, the candidate evidence and commentary materials which have been prepared for these events will be published on our website and made available to all subject specialists.

There will be no National 5-only events as there have already been a number of CPD events for this level. In addition, these events are normally run by Principal Assessors and we need our National 5 Principal Assessors to work with us on the revisions to National 5 course arrangements.

We remain committed to the continued implementation of the National Qualifications and to maintaining their integrity and credibility. Further information regarding the changes to National Courses will continue to be communicated to schools and teachers, and through our subject web pages.

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