Our Community and Customers

We work hard to give something back to our local communities. Each of our staff has 21 hours a year of work time to support local communities.

We've achieved all the goals we set in 2015-16.

The breadth of work undertaken is inspirational and includes:

Like us, our customers have high standards and expect us to act in a socially responsible way. It is important for these customers to work with socially responsible organisations such as SQA.

Our products need to be sustainable and meet customers’ needs. We expect our suppliers to have similar ethics as our own.

Do we meet customers’ expectations and do our suppliers meet our expectations? Are we developing sustainable relationships with customers and suppliers? The answer to these questions is YES …but, as in all things, there is always room to improve!

We're keen to promote “Supported Business” within the supply chain. We've awarded two contracts to recognised supported businesses.

We also support small and medium enterprises (SMEs). 76% of our spending goes to SMEs and local suppliers.