Interdisciplinary Project

The Interdisciplinary Project is an Advanced Higher unit in which you apply your subject knowledge in realistic contexts. You carry out an investigation or practical assignment. This is likely to involve you working in a college or university, or in a community or workplace setting.

The Interdisciplinary Project will help you to develop and show evidence of initiative, responsibility, and independent working — skills of real value in the world of higher education and work.

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Earth science/geology

A resource pack for candidates wishing to choose a Geology or Earth Sciences Interdisciplinary Project theme.

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Heritage Education Forum

A number of cultural heritage bodies whose resources and collections may help with the Interdisciplinary Project.

Guidance templates

Audit tool

The audit tool helps teachers/lecturers when approving candidate Interdisciplinary Project proposals.

Reflective diary template

This template may help candidates to write a reflective diary during their work on the Interdisciplinary Project. It is recommended that candidates keep the diary up-to-date as this will be invaluable at the Evaluation and Self-evaluation stages of the project.