Social Anthropology

There are 3 Higher National units in Social Anthropology. The units are:

HG55 33         Social Anthropology: Who does it and how to do it (SCQF level 6)

HJ2V 34          Social Anthropology: The Body and its Life Course (SCQF level 7)

HK4Y 35         Social Anthropology: Ethnographies of Scottish Peoples (SCQF level 8)

The units are included in the optional section of the HNC and HND Social Sciences awards.

There is a National unit at SCQF level 5:

HG1M 45        Social Anthropology: Understanding Our Place in the World

This unit is included in the optional section of the National Certificate in Social Sciences at SCQF levels 5 and 6.

This resource list includes books, journals and websites (156 KB) 

Teaching anthropology in England

The University of Edinburgh played host to a group of teachers and lecturers interested in SQA's new Social Anthropology units. Tomislav Maric gave a presentation about his experience of teaching anthropology in England.