Workforce Development

Managing, monitoring, and ensuring compliance with the increasingly complex manpower regulations that exist worldwide is essential for oil and gas companies.

Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) offer internationally recognised qualifications and consultancy services that provide skills-based solutions and standards for the oil and gas industry worldwide.

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Why Choose SQA?

SQA is a not for profit government sponsored organisation, accountable to the Scottish Government.

SQA has significant experience providing educational services in numerous countries while serving a wide range of clients including governments, national oil companies, international oil companies and academic institutions.

We have delivered programmes aimed at supporting workforce and supply chain development providing organisations operating in oil and gas markets with comprehensive, cross functional skills based solutions and services for their workforces.



SQA has many years’ experience in the oil and gas sector, resulting in a good understanding of industry challenges at both corporate and governmental level.

  • Quality: Robust quality assurance procedures which place people at the centre of everything we do
  • Support: comprehensive, cross functional qualifications and services for workforce development
  • Experts: Over 100 years’ experience in technical vocational education
  • Reputation: impressive track record of supporting governments, NOCs, IOC’s with workforce and supply chain development

SQA Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas Campaign

SQA is an organisation which has an established set of rigorous, internationally recognised vocational standards and by using these as a benchmark it has emphasised how our training is of a high standard and certificated to an international level.

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Skills Development

SQA offers workforce development solutions across business functions and those areas involved in the technical, support and delivery of onshore and offshore production.


The products and services we offer exist to address needs such as upskilling, reskilling, compliance and efficiency creating meaningful solutions to the vocational education and

training issues being faced by the sector.


SQA provide:

  • Technical skills solutions providing industry recognised standards for competency development
  • Business skills solutions focused on service functions ensuring employees have the right skills in place
  • Solutions which help with ensuring compliance and maximise workforce capability

Competency and Standards

SQA has developed standards, qualifications and competency frameworks which help employers develop skills and competence in their technical operations and associated business functions.


Building a competent workforce through frameworks will help to meet compliance requirements, support workforce nationalisation and achieve operational excellence.



SQA provide:

  • A fully integrated skills based solution
  • Quality Assurance of competency framework
  • Verification of employees competence
  • Solutions that integrate with existing human resource requirements
  • Help responding to new and changing regulations

Consultancy Services

SQA works internationally with the Oil & Gas industry to support competency assurance and certification of staff, providing organisations with an assurance that their staff are not only competent but qualified to do a job.


We assist by working with you to develop a comprehensive Competence Assurance System (CAS) and design programmes that can be linked to SQA qualifications or your own programmes.


SQA provide:

  • Assessment of current competency assurance
  • Review of existing policies and processes
  • Training Accreditation
  • Framework development
  • Capacity building and Technical Vocational Education reform
  • Internal Assessor & Verifier training
  • External Verification by SQA