Exemplification material covering the Core Skills Communication Units, Speaking and Listening (level 3 to 6)

We have published exemplar materials for Core Skills Units in Communication, to cover the Speaking and Listening requirements (SCQF levels 3-6). These new materials are stored on a secure area of SQA’s Understanding Standards website:


Gaining Access

As the materials contain video footage of candidates, they have been stored in a secure area of the Understanding Standards website and centre staff must enter a username and password to gain access. Details of the username and password along with some guidance on website navigation, have been provided in a document that can be downloaded from the SQA secure website. To find this, please go to the Core Skills section on the SQA secure website and click on the heading ‘Communication Exemplar Assessment Materials’ and you will find a link to the document at the bottom of the page.

These exemplification materials contain:

Resources are arranged by level, from level 3 through to level 6.