SQA Corporate Parenting

We are delighted to be publishing our Corporate Parenting Report 2015-18 (560 KB), which details our corporate parenting commitments, and how we are turning these into real, practical, and tangible support for Scotland’s care-experienced young people. Please also see its accompanying, more concise sister publication SQA is a proud corporate parent. (359 KB)

Starting out

SQA was enormously proud to be named as a national corporate parent in April 2015.

As a corporate parent, we have a duty to provide care-experienced young people with the kind of support that any good parent would give their own children, to ensure that all aspects of their development are nurtured. At SQA, we are committed to helping our care-experienced young people realise the brighter futures they deserve.

Our Corporate Parenting Plan 2015-18, published in March 2016, set out the actions we agreed to take to make a difference to SQA's care-experienced young learners.

Where we are now

We’ve had an amazing three years of putting our promises to work.

SQA is a model example of what a corporate parent should be; supportive, caring and loving.  They have embraced their role with enthusiasm and commitment.  Beyond corporate parent statutory duties they have been a huge supporter and friend to Who Cares? Scotland in the work we do with and for care-experienced young people. Their attitude and commitment is helping us with our mission to transform care in Scotland and achieve a lifetime of equality, respect and love for care-experienced people.  On behalf of all care-experienced young people in Scotland we wholeheartedly thank SQA for their support.

Duncan Dunlop, Chief Executive of Who Cares? Scotland