In March 2018, SQA changed the name of their HN qualifications:

  • SQA HNC is now known, outside of Scotland, as SQA Advanced Certificate.
  • SQA HND is now known, outside of Scotland, as SQA Advanced Diploma.

The qualification itself remains the same and is equivalent to an HN - the only difference is the change of name.

Opportunity to progress from Diploma to Degree

SQA Advanced Diploma is comparable with the first two years of a university degree. Successful SQA Advanced Diploma graduates can therefore progress directly on to year two or three of a related undergraduate degree with one of our international university partners in countries world-wide.

About the Scottish Qualifications Authority

SQA is a Government linked awarding body which provides qualifications that allow students to gain a high quality education. Once complete, these qualifications offer opportunities to progress to a degree course at university, do further study or go straight into employment.