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The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) is an international leader in education and qualifications development. We have over 100 yearsí experience in developing qualifications and qualifications systems, helping individuals realise their potential by providing a wide range of high-quality, internationally recognised qualifications.

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What is an SQA Advanced Qualification?

SQA Advanced Qualifications are internationally recognised higher education qualifications at certificate and diploma level.

They provide students with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that a university or employer would expect them to have.

Valued by Universities - SQA Advanced Diploma is equivalent to the first two years of a degree, enabling advanced entry into many undergraduate degree programmes in universities worldwide

Internationally recognised - Sitting at the heart of Scotlandís world-renowned education system, SQA works in partnership to ensure qualifications are suitable, relevant, and up to date.

Career focused - SQA qualifications enable our centres to form industry, employer and university partnerships that provide opportunities for progression.

Learner Benefits

SQA Advanced Qualifications are ideal for students who would like to move on to a related undergraduate degree programme at home or overseas, or who intend to enter into the workplace.


There are qualifications in a huge range of subjects from Business and Computing to Hospitality and Retail so whatever you need, there is a qualification to suit.


  • Internationally recognised qualifications and pathways.
  • Wide portfolio of subject areas to broaden your academic offering.
  • Provide more flexible and cost effective options for your students.



Diploma to Degree pathways

SQA has partnered and set up progression pathway agreements with highly regarded Universities in countries around the world, covering various progression models, including online delivery.

Our Diploma to Degree pathways are a well-established route for students completing an SQA Advanced Diploma to then progress directly on to the second or third year of a related undergraduate degree with one of our university partners at home or abroad.

Graduates can study at universities in the:

  • UK
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Getting started with SQA

Everything we do is geared to helping SQA centres offer the best qualifications, supporting you to focus on what matters - your students.


Itís a two-step process to getting started:


  • Become a centre - we check your organisation (centre) has the systems in place to support the delivery of SQA qualifications.
  • Choose your qualification - we check your centre has the relevant resources to deliver and assess the qualification.

Our teams help you every step of the way to make your journey through the process as smooth as possible.


Maximise Your Business

We are proud to be able to offer high quality SQA qualifications and be able to collaborate with SQA to provide these courses to local students.

Yangon Institute for University Studies, Myanmar, SQA Approved Centre