SQA Annual Statistics Published

Tuesday 23 April 2019

SQA has today published three sets of statistics regarding its portfolio of qualifications, in the 2017-18 session: 

  1. The Annual Statistical Report
  2. National Qualifications Progression Statistics - National 4 to National 5National 5 to Higher and Higher to Advanced Higher,
  3. August 2018 attainment for National Qualifications, by local authority.

The Annual Statistical Report provides details of entries and attainment for all SQA qualifications in the 2017-18 session. This includes Higher National Certificates, Higher National Diplomas, Scottish Vocational Qualifications, National Qualifications, and Awards.

National Qualifications Progression Statistics are now also available. These statistics provide an overview of observed learner movement from one qualification level to another within particular subject areas. For example, the tables provide the total number of learners who progressed from National 4 English in 2017, to National 5 English in 2018. This information is refined further to give the percentage of learners who obtained each available graded result at National 5. Similarly, the tables provide information on progression from a subject at National 5 to a subject at Higher.¿

Teachers and lecturers can use these progression statistics – in conjunction with their understanding of their learners, and the level of demand of the qualifications – to provide advice and guidance to their learners, as they plan their next steps.

This national picture reflects the observed progression across a particular set of academic years, for a particular cohort. They do not indicate the likelihood of success for individual learners to achieve a subject at a particular level.

Progression profiles are similar to those observed in previous years and demonstrate the continuing importance of candidates being secure in the knowledge, skills and experience of a subject before progressing to more advanced levels of study.

The August 2018 National Qualifications attainment tables, by all of Scotland’s 32 local authorities, together with similar tables for ‘Colleges’, ‘Independent’, and ‘Other’ centre types represent the first statistical summary of SQA at this level, following requests from the Scottish Parliement last year.

The Annual Statistical Report, and Progression Statistics are listed on our annual publication schedule. In future years, information regarding local authority attainment data will be produced and released alongside the Annual Statistical Report using the statistical data collected in December, following the conclusion of the Post Result Services (PRS) procedure.