SQA exams and assessments get underway

Wednesday 24 April 2019

SQA exams get underway tomorrow (Thursday 25 April), for tens of thousands of young people across Scotland.
Examinations begin on Thursday morning with pupils across the country tackling question papers in Physical Education, Latin, Mathematics of Mechanics, and Administration and IT. The examination diet runs until Friday 31 May, and this year more than 136,000 young people will receive their results on Tuesday 06 August.
Over the course of the next month more than half a million individual exams for National 5, Higher, and Advanced Higher qualifications will be sat by more than 126,000 candidates in over 450 schools and colleges across the country. Many thousands of young people will also be in the final stages of completing National 1 to 4 qualifications, Skills for Work Courses and other awards that are continually-assessed throughout the year.
Dr Janet Brown, SQA Chief Executive, and Scotland’s Chief Examining Officer said, “Thousands of young people throughout Scotland are preparing to complete their qualifications after many months of hard work and study. I would like to send my best wishes to everyone about to take the next step in their education.
“At all levels, our qualifications provide candidates with the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and understanding they’ve acquired and prepare them for further study, employment, or training. Our qualifications are robust, relevant, and designed to equip young people with a wide range of skills.” 
Candidates can still access copies of past question papers from the SQA website to help them prepare for their examinations, and this year there are more resources than ever available from SQA to assist students with their revision.
Dr Brown continues: “We have updated our MyExams, and MyStudyPlan apps. Both are available across iOS, Android, and Windows devices. We have also added MyExams as a skill for Alexa-enabled devices, so users can now ask Alexa for the date, time, or duration of any exam. Candidates should still check with their school or college in case there are any local changes to the published times.”
Some 15,000 appointees – teachers and subject specialists – support SQA over the course of the exam diet, helping the awarding body to set, invigilate, and mark more than one million exam scripts every year. Dr Brown added, “Our appointees bring with them a wealth of experience from the classroom, and I thank them and SQA staff, for their invaluable support throughout this busy time.”

This is the first year that students will face revised assessments for courses at Higher level following the withdrawal of internal unit assessments. Like awards at National 5 level, Higher candidates’ final grades are based on a combination of SQA-assessed coursework, and their final exam. 
Final grades for Advanced Higher courses will continue to reflect the combination of internally marked unit assessments, and SQA marked external assessments, before the similar changes are implemented in the coming academic year.
Candidates who have undertaken SQA National Qualifications at school or college over the past year will receive their results on Tuesday 06 August.
Students still have time to register and activate a MySQA account so they can receive their grades by text and / or email on the morning of Results Day. Candidates should log onto www.mysqa.org.uk and register for the service with their unique Scottish Candidate Number by 17:00 on Tuesday 16 July. All candidates will still receive a copy of their Scottish Qualifications Certificate by post on Tuesday 06 August.

For more information about the SQA examination diet, what to expect on the day of your exam, and what to bring with you, download our Your Exams guide. Alternative language formats are available here.