Maths Week Scotland returns

Monday 30 September

Maths Week Scotland has returned for its third year, and SQA is encouraging everyone to celebrate mathematics in everyday life, and the opportunities studying maths gives young people.

Sue Pope, Head of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at SQA says: “It is easy to take the mathematics we encounter in our lives for granted, but Maths Week Scotland will help showcase mathematics in a whole new light. Even if you haven’t thought about mathematics for a long time, there is something for everyone.”

Sue continues, “Mathematics is all around us. We use it in our daily lives when cooking tea, playing sport or deciding whether to go for that impulse purchase. Mathematics shapes our society in our voting systems, and the way we use and share information. Mathematics underpins the art we view, and the music we listen to.”

“At SQA, we’re keen to highlight our provision of mathematics courses, and awards. Our suite of qualifications includes Mathematics at National 4, National 5, Higher, and Advanced Higher level. It also includes our Applications of Mathematics courses, as well as our Highers in Statistics, and Mathematics of Mechanics.”

All SQA courses encourage learners to develop logical reasoning, analysis, problem solving skills, creativity, and the ability to think in abstract ways.

For more information on SQA’s mathematics courses and qualifications, check out the Mathematics pages on our website.