Beauty Care and Hairdressing CPD Guidance

Every Senior External Verifier (SEV)/External Verifier (EV) with a vocational appointment and who is a member of the “Beauty Care” and/or the “Hairdressing” verification groups will be required to submit a

Review the information and guidelines below prior to completing your submission. 

Submission requirements

Senior External Verifiers (SEVs)/External Verifiers (EVs) in this group must ensure their submission outlines how they have met the following:

  • Working to national standards a SEV/EV taking into account the following standard:
    • Externally Monitor and Maintain the Quality of Workplace Assessment (FD44 04)
  • In line with the respective Assessment Strategy requirements be expected to show that they have met the 30 hour CPD component.

These PDP and CPDR submissions must be shared with the Qualifications Manager and SEV who will inspect them and confirm the appropriate occupational CPD has been attained in any given year.

This process will be spilt over 2 academic sessions as the respective assessment strategy timeline runs from September to August in any given year.

PDP and CPDR documentation

Please familiarise yourself with the guidance documentation and exemplars that relate to Beauty Care and Hairdressing prior to completing your submission:

Training Session

Standardisation Meetings

Senior External Verifiers (SEV) will deliver a training session at your standardisation meeting in relation to your Personal Development Plan (PDP) and Continuing Professional Development Record (CPDR).

The following documentation relates to the training session: