Standard CPD Guidance

There are 582 verification groups on SQA's system. The vast majority of Senior External Verifiers/External Verifiers in these verification groups should complete the standard CPDR documentation.

Senior External Verifiers/External Verifiers who should not use this template are those in the following verification groups:

Instead, please use the templates relevant to your Verification group.


Standard CPDR Documentation

Please familiarise yourself with the guidance documentation prior to completing your submission:

Senior External Verifiers/External Verifiers will have one or more of the following appointments:

  • Customised Awards (CA)
  • Higher National (HN)
  • National Qualifications (NQ)
  • Vocational Qualifications (VQ)

Please familiarise yourself with the exemplars that relate to the appointment(s) you have:

Training Session

Standardisation Meetings

Senior External Verifiers (SEV) will deliver a training session at your standardisation meeting in relation to your Personal Development Plan (PDP) and Continuing Professional Development Record (CPDR).

The following documentation relates to the training session: