Lifelong Learning (Centre)

Presented by Jean Blair, Director of Operations, SQA

Janine Edwards, The Foundation for Social Improvement, with award
Janine Edwards (l), The Foundation for Social Improvement, London

The Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI) are the winners of the Lifelong Learning (Centre) Award at the SQA Star Awards 2019.

The FSI is a registered charity that provides high-quality training and support for small charities. In 2017, it approached SQA to develop a fundraising qualification specifically for the small charity sector, where funding for training is always an issue.

FSI now offers an introductory course, and a Certificate and Diploma in Fundraising Practice. These qualifications have helped over 30 small charities gain a fundraising edge, enabling them to benefit from expertise to maximise their fundraising potential.

With new e-modules continuing to be developed, webinars and e-learning help make delivery accessible, especially for rural charities.


Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, with award
Highly Commended, Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, Glasgow (r) and Punjabi Junction, with award
Highly Commended, and Punjabi Junction, Edinburgh (r)