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SQA News 22 November 2019

Review of National Certificate in Administration - proposed changes

The review of the National Certificate in Administration at SCQF level 5 (G99P 45) is now underway. We would welcome your feedback on the proposed changes to the structure of the award and/or to the individual units.

We have prepared a short survey that allows you to comment on the areas that are of most interest to you — you could comment only on a particular change to the structure, or on a particular unit.

Your feedback from this survey, and a separate employer survey, will be considered by the Qualifications Design Team (QDT) to confirm the overall structure of the National Certificate, and to finalise the unit writing briefs, so that revision of the units can begin. 

If you would like to be involved in the revision of the group award, or the revision of the units, please contact

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