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SQA News 12 December 2019

Quality assurance

Our quality assurance approach for session 2019-20 requires centres to finalise any changes to entries for freestanding units at SCQF levels 5, 6 and 7 by 28 February 2020. This is to allow us to carry out sufficient levels of quality assurance of these units in time for August certification.

Verification of these freestanding units will take place in round 2, from 2 March to 25 May 2020.

Any changes made to these unit entries after 28 February 2020 may result in a delay in certification until November 2020, to give us time to quality assure them. In these circumstances, centres must retain evidence for these units until 30 September 2020.

If you have any questions about quality assurance, please speak to your Liaison Manager or contact us by email at or by phone on 0345 213 6766.