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SQA News 12 December 2019

Mental Health and Wellbeing events

On 26 November and 4 December, we hosted our first Understanding Standards events for SQA Mental Health and Wellbeing Awards.

The events provided support and guidance to both centres currently teaching the awards, and centres who are thinking about teaching the awards in the near future. Delegates heard presentations from Larbert High School and St Ambrose High School, who shared their approaches to delivering the awards with their candidates, and we also discussed how the awards are verified. During workshop activities, delegates reviewed examples of candidate evidence and discussed the evidence requirements for each unit. In one workshop, pupils from St Ambrose High talked about their experiences of learning and teaching within the Understanding Mental Health Issues unit.

Elaine McFadyen, Qualifications Manager, said, ‘There was great attendance across both days, with representatives from around 130 centres taking part. It was great to see a mix of schools, colleges, training providers and third sector organisations in attendance, and to hear their experiences of delivering the awards and approaching the topic of mental health with their candidates.’

‘So far, almost 2000 candidates have been entered for the awards and we expect this number to increase significantly. Centres and candidates have shown a real passion and enthusiasm for the awards, which encourage open and honest conversations about mental health and the importance of self-care.’

Watch our video to hear teachers, pupils and parents discuss their experiences of the SQA Mental Health and Wellbeing Awards, and the different ways the awards are being delivered.

Launched in 2018, SQA’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Awards aim to increase awareness and understanding of mental health, and the everyday factors that contribute to mental health problems – including social factors. The awards also focus on coping strategies and building resilience to help learners to manage their own mental health and wellbeing in daily life. They are available at SCQF levels 4 and 5.