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SQA News 23 January 2020

Assessment arrangements requests

All requests for adapted question papers including braille, enlarged print, adapted content, coloured paper, and digital, must be submitted via the Assessment Arrangements Request (AAR) system by 31 January 2020.

While entries can be changed until 31 March 2020, new adapted question paper requests must not be made after 31 January 2020.

Requests for all other assessment arrangements can be submitted and updated via the AAR system until 17 April 2020. We would encourage you to submit these requests as soon as possible to allow us to resolve any issues.

A guide to the AAR system is available on the National Qualifications section of our secure website, under Assessment Arrangements.

Information is also available on our website at

If you require any further assistance, please call the Assessment Arrangements Team on 0345 213 6890.