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Co-ordinator Update 31 January 2020

Invigilation of Accounting coursework 2019-20

We released detailed information and key dates for the invigilation pilot last month. You can find it here.

The assessment period will open on 24 February. Assessments must be completed for return on the coursework uplift dates (as detailed in the earlier communication).

Centres should continue to choose appropriate dates and accommodation within the assessment period to complete the assignments. You do not need to let us know which dates or accommodation you have chosen. If the accommodation is not in your centre, the assessment materials must be transferred securely on the day of the assessment (there will be more information in the 'Instructions for Invigilators' document).

Please note that if your candidates require any assessment arrangements and are completing the assessment at another SQA approved centre, you should discuss the provision of these arrangements with the SQA co-ordinator at the alternative centre.

You must contact your chief invigilator to arrange assessment dates and discuss requirements for your centre, including assessment arrangements where required. However, it does not need to be the chief invigilator that invigilates the sessions. 

If you have any queries about the invigilation pilot, please contact

Instructions for invigilators

We will publish the 'Instructions for Invigilators' document in mid-February on SQA Secure. It will provide similar information as the Handbook for Invigilators does for the main diet. Please print and retain a copy in your centre for reference during the assessment period. We recommend that anyone involved in the organisation and administration of the Accounting assignments is aware of this guidance.

We will email a copy to chief invigilators, and instruct them to forward it to the relevant invigilator if invigilation for the Accounting assignments has been delegated.

Receiving and checking materials

We will deliver Accounting National 5 and Higher assessment materials to your centre between 18 and 21 February.

The delivery must be signed for by a member of staff. The member of staff must check the proof of delivery and only sign for the number of boxes delivered. Once the delivery has been signed for, it must be transferred immediately and securely to the storage room. The member of staff must inform you that the delivery has been made. The delivery must never be left unattended until it is in the storage room.

If the boxes, packages or packets appear to have been opened or damaged during transit, you must contact the NQ Assessment Team immediately on 0345 213 6779.

You must check the contents of all boxes and packages against the advice notes to ensure that the delivery is complete and correct. You must do this without opening any packets, and must do it within the storage room.

Do not return the advice notes to SQA — these are for your information only. You must only contact the NQ Assessment Team on 0345 213 6779 if there is any discrepancy. If you delay contacting us to inform us of any discrepancies, there will be a delay in providing the required materials. If you do not contact us, we will assume the delivery is correct and that no further action is required.

Please make all centre staff aware that no access to assessment materials is permitted for anyone other than the invigilator, before, during or immediately following the assessment.