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SQA News 6 February 2020

New Added Value Unit assessment support pack for National 4 Graphic Communication

We have produced an additional unit assessment support pack for the National 4 Graphic Communication Added Value Unit. It contains a new assignment brief, which asks candidates to create graphics for the design, manufacture and promotion of a toy that appeals to young children. The pack also includes recording documentation, instructions for candidates, and details of the evidence to be gathered.

The new assessment support pack is dated January 2020 and is available from the SQA Secure website. Please speak to your SQA co-ordinator to arrange access. The pack must be stored securely and treated as confidential.

We produced this additional unit assessment support pack to give you more choice of assignments to carry out with your candidates. Based on your feedback, it is in the form of an assignment. You can use the assignment as it is or use as a model to create your own assessment. The existing Added Value Unit assessment support packs are still valid and will continue to be available.