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SQA News 13 February 2020

Music and Music Technology assignments, portfolio and projects

Flyleafs for all subjects are due to be issued to all centres week commencing 17 February.

Please note that we have updated the format for the flyleafs for National 5 and Higher Music Technology assignments. Tables have been added for candidates to reference where technical skills are detailed in their documentation. This is to support candidates to ensure that the mandatory skills have been included in their assignments. The 2019 course reports highlighted that some candidates did not access the full range of marks because some technical skills (as detailed in the course specification documents) were missing from their assignments.

Paper copies of flyleafs will be issued to SQA co-ordinators. However, digital copies are available from the flyleafs web page.

Centres must check all candidate submissions before sending them to SQA. Files should be named clearly so that each candidate's work can be identified. Full details are available in our 'Coursework for External Assessment' document.

There were issues in 2019 because a significant number of candidates' files (scores, composing reviews or logs) were missing, were incorrectly labelled or corrupt. If your centre receives a request to resubmit missing information or problematic files, you must act promptly — and within the given deadlines — to ensure that marking can be completed.