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SQA News 20 February 2020

National 5 Practical Cookery coursework: update

Following feedback from centres about the National 5 Practical Cookery assignment and practical activity, we amended the chocolate gateau recipe to clarify that the gateau must be served chilled and on a chilled plate. The recipe appears on page 5 of the ‘Instructions for Candidates’ document and page 6 of the ‘Instructions for Centres’ document. We also amended the holistic marking instructions on page 15 of the 'Instructions for Centres' document, as no additional decoration is required.

Please ensure that you use the latest versions of these documents when completing the assessment with your candidates. These documents are dated February 2020 and have been updated to version 1.1. They are available from our secure website and you can arrange access to them through your SQA co-ordinator.