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Co-ordinator Update 28 February 2020

Arrangements for National 4 Course Entries

Following requests from centres, we are happy to provide the following reminder on arrangements for National 4 course entries.

Centres are reminded that the closing date for submitting changes of level for National 4 and above is 31 March 2020 with results in the system by 22 May 2020 to be eligible for certification in August 2020, subject to quality assurance.

It is the responsibility of centres to ensure that they keep to this deadline. Any new course entries at National 4 submitted after 4 August 2020 will be deferred to, and therefore certificated in, August 2021.

This is consistent with the position SQA set out in October 2019 (see ‘Entering candidates for National Qualifications’) in response to the decision, announced by the Scottish Government, to remove the interim measure of Recognising Positive Achievement (RPA)  - the automatic fallback to National 4 for young people who are unsuccessful at National 5 level.     

As a response to the removal of RPA, SQA broadened the opportunity for learners to attain at revised National 5 level and above by widening the band at grade D to equate to 40 – 49%.

Thank you for your continued support in the development and delivery of our qualifications and assessments.