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SQA News 12 March 2020

NPA Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is not limited to Art and Design and other traditional 'creative' subjects. We are looking at creative thinking in the widest possible sense.  Society needs scientists, doctors, lawyers, builders, zoologists, administrators…everyone…to be able to think creatively.

We are carrying out surveys to investigate the need for a National Progression Award in Creative Thinking by gathering views from schools, further and higher education, and business. 

Background information

The World Economic Forum says the top three skills that employers are looking for are complex problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity.  Evidence from further and higher education, and business indicates a lack of these skills in secondary school students in Scotland.

The aim of the group award is to develop and assess candidates' skills in creative thinking.  It would develop the skills identified by Skills Development Scotland relating to innovation.

If the award is developed, we plan to have it ready for delivery in session 2021-2022.

Qualification content and structure

National Progression Awards are ungraded courses comprising of units which are internally assessed on a pass/fail basis. On successful completion of the units, candidates achieve a group award. Unit assessment is subject to external verification by SQA.

The course could be delivered in any subject area or in an interdisciplinary context.  On successful completion of the mandatory units, candidates would achieve a National Progression Award worth 24 SCQF credit points.  The units would be internally assessed and subject to external verification by SQA.

Candidates would learn to respond creatively to different subjects or experiences, for example by considering an environment, human behaviour, a topical issue, a group in society, or an existing system or process. They would learn to respond to creative opportunities in innovative ways, working individually and in collaboration with others. Candidates would be encouraged to work in an open-minded way, apply creative thinking techniques and take risks with their ideas. They would learn to present ideas to an audience in a prepared pitch.