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SQA News 12 March 2020

SQA markers wanted to support Scotland’s Advanced Higher Biology project students

Every year, we recruit markers to work with us during the exam diet.

View the full list of 2020 marker opportunities.

We are closely monitoring the entry numbers across all subjects so that we know how many markers we need. We are currently focusing recruitment efforts on the Advanced Higher Biology project to cover this year’s uptake and would appreciate your support in promoting marker opportunities for this subject.

Becoming a marker provides teachers and lecturers with deeper knowledge and understanding of the national standard for their subject, which they use to mark candidates’ coursework and exam papers from across the country. This, in turn, gives teachers and lecturers a more in-depth understanding of the assessment and quality assurance processes relevant to their subject, which they can share with colleagues.

The benefits of becoming a marker are clear as, each year, many teachers and lecturers return to mark for SQA.

Comments we have received in the past include ‘The professional benefits gained for you and your students are huge. You will be a much better teacher as a result of being a marker’ as well as ‘e-marking will add to your professional skills and the system is easy to use.’

Please pass this on to your colleagues who have taught the Advanced Higher Biology project for two or more years, and who are keen to work as part of a team delivering high quality assessments and standards — supporting students across Scotland.

For further information and an application form, please visit our marker recruitment webpage or contact our Appointee Management Team at