NQ Quality Assurance

For National 3 & National 4 courses, Scottish Baccalaureate Interdisciplinary project, Skills for Work, Awards and free-standing units.


We have already received selections and stationery for Round 2 verification. What will happen about these?

We have cancelled all scheduled Round 2 verification events and all verification visits for the remainder of this academic session, and you should have received notification of this by email.

You are not required to send any assessment materials to SQA. For National Qualifications, including Skills for Work courses, it is unlikely that we will undertake any remote verification, as we recognise assessment evidence is not always available in electronic format for these types of qualification.

We had some verification visits arranged with external verifiers. Should we contact them?

All scheduled verification visits for the remainder of this academic session have been cancelled and removed from SQA’s system. You do not need to contact the External Verifiers.

What will happen about the verification selections for this year that have been postponed? Will this affect certification for the qualifications selected?

Reports from verification activity that took place before 20 March 2020 are still being submitted by verifiers and processed by the NQ Verification Team for publication to centres.

For the qualifications that have been selected, but will not be verified in this academic session, teachers and lecturers should use their professional judgement to make assessment decisions using their own quality assurance procedures. This is a similar process to any other year for qualifications that are not selected for external verification. The results that you submit will be used for certification purposes.

For most selections not verified this session, we will review and, where appropriate, re-select in session 2020-21 using the evidence generated in session 2020-21 for verification.

If quality assurance is postponed, why do I need to keep hold of candidate evidence?

We have asked centres to retain candidate evidence until December 2020. This will allow us to carry out some verification activity in the future, most likely in autumn 2020. Further information on this will be issued later this session.

We have some outstanding actions from Round 1 verification or a verification visit that has already taken place and a hold on certification until these are completed. What should we do?

We have already completed about one third of all planned verification activity for this session and we are continuing to tie up any follow-up activities from this by e-mail with centres and verifiers. We will work on a case-by-case basis with all centres with a hold on certification from verification activity already carried out. We will contact those centres individually.

Is verification for the Scottish Baccalaureate Interdisciplinary Project postponed?

Yes. We have not issued selections for the Scottish Baccalaureate Interdisciplinary Project on 6 April. However, centres are requested to retain all assessment evidence gathered until December 2020 as they may be subject to future verification activity, most likely in autumn 2020.

Will prior verification requests still be accepted?

Yes, you can submit requests for prior verification at any time, as electronic materials can be sent to verifiers to consider and report on. This will depend on verifier availability.

Will qualification approval applications still be accepted?

All qualification approval visits are postponed until next session. The submission dates for approval applications for certification in 2020 has passed and we will not be accepting further applications.

However, you can continue to submit approval applications for qualifications to be delivered in session 2020-21 by email at any time. We will send these to approvers for desk approval, if that is possible, but most will be held for visits to be scheduled, when it is safe to do so.