Employer and training provider support

We are working with all UK qualification regulators and sector bodies to review vocational qualifications.

Together, we are identifying how we can support you to safely deliver, assess and result SQA qualifications, and minimise the impact on candidates and you.

We have contacted every SQA centre with current learners. If you have not heard from us, please contact your Regional Manager.

Guiding principles

Cause least disruption to you and your learners.

Where this is not possible, the options are:

Guidance and support March - July 2020

SQA-accredited qualifications

Following discussion with SQA Accreditation, the SQA-accredited qualifications listed below can continue as normal during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. No adaptions are needed.

When delivering and assessing these qualifications, consider the full range of assessment methods detailed in SQA Accreditation’s guidance.

We are working with SQA Accreditation on other accredited qualifications and will provide a further update as soon as we can.

If you need support and guidance, please contact operationshnvq@sqa.org.uk.

Ofqual Regulated

We have contacted all SQA-approved centres to advise on arrangements for delivering the qualifications they offer. If you have not received an email from us, or have any queries about what you have received, please email operationshnvq@sqa.org.uk and a member of the team will help.

Ofqual is no longer updating their search function, which allowed a view of each qualification’s delivery status.  You can search the latest status for SQA qualifications regulated by Ofqual and Qualifications Wales in the list below.

Regulated Qualifications in England and Wales Decisions.  (18 KB)

Foundation Apprenticeships

Because Foundation Apprenticeships blend classroom and workplace learning – COVID-19 restrictions to work placements have impacted on completing work-based elements and on centres being able to complete assessments.

Subject specific guidance

In partnership with Colleges Scotland, SDS and Universities Scotland, the following will apply.

  1. Learners who have completed and passed all elements - they will receive a Foundation Apprenticeship certificate, as normal.
  2. Learners who had passed the NPA/NC element by the 15 July 2020 or who have had no ‘fails’ recorded against any of the units. They'll receive certification for the units and for the NPA/NC they have achieved. They will also receive a Letter of Recognition which can be used for entry requirements for college and university.
  3. Learners who have not achieved the NC or NPA or have had 'fails'. They will receive certification for the elements they have passed, but will not receive a certificate or letter of recognition.

Read the full Foundation Apprenticeships statement.

HNC/HND, PDA, NC, NPA, Skills for Work and NQ freestanding units

We have produced guidance - in conjunction with Colleges Scotland - which applies to all these qualifications wherever they are being delivered.

COVID19 Assessment Guidance for Colleges (213 KB)

Customised Awards

You will have been contacted to provide guidance on alternative arrangements for these qualifications.

If your centre wishes to adapt its Customised Awards, please contact your SQA Customised Awards Officer or email customisedawards@sqa.org.uk

Qualification verification

We continue to carry out remote verification for centres who are still assessing and resulting qualifications. Our External Verifiers will be in touch to make the necessary arrangements with each centre.


2020/2021 Qualifications

We are talking to colleges, Scottish Government, Skills Development Scotland, other Awarding Bodies, regulators and Sector Skills Councils.

We aim to be flexible and agile to support the changing labour market.

Solutions are based on:

  • fairness and equity
  • the importance of human interaction

Candidate Evidence Retention policy

We have updated our Candidate Evidence Retention policy. Centres must now keep candidate evidence for six months after the resulting date of each qualification.

Latest coronavirus statements