Awarding 2020 - Post-Certification Review (Appeals) Service - Information for centres

Friday 19 June 2020

Further to my message on 3 June, we have today published detailed information for schools and colleges on the free appeals (post-certification review) service. It is important that such a service is in place in this exceptional year.

The service will provide for further, evidence-based consideration of grades if schools and colleges do not think awarded grades fairly reflect candidate performance. Assessment evidence must be available to support the review request.

As in previous years, learners should speak to their school or college if they have any questions about their results.

The information document provides details on the eligibility for submitting a review, the materials that schools and colleges need to support a request and the planned dates for the service, including uplift dates for the collection of evidence. There is also information about the possible outcome of a request.

We are continuing to work on a user guide, which will be published and issued to schools and colleges before the system opens on 4 August 2020. The user guide will include detailed instructions on how to make a request, submit the evidence and what support will be available.

Learners are at the heart of what we do, and we remain committed to delivering their 2020 results, in as fair a way as possible, allowing them to hold their heads high and progress to further learning or work. In order to do this, we are continuing to work with our Appointees - teachers and lecturers - throughout the awarding and review stages.

We continue to update our dedicated teacher and lecturer, learner and parent and carer web pages with resources and support. We are also working with national bodies, such as the National Parent Forum of Scotland, Connect, Young Scot and the Scottish Youth Parliament to share information on what is happening and when.

I am very grateful for your continued support. As many of you approach the end of this session, I want to thank you again for working with us, to deliver for learners in challenging circumstances.

Fiona Robertson
SQA Chief Executive and Scotland's Chief Examining Officer


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