SQA chatbot - Sam

We’ve created a chatbot - called Sam - to answer candidate questions around results day 2020.

Sam is at the beta stage of development which means that it is still in development and is not the final version.

Sam will answer your questions or direct you to the best page to answer any enquiries you have about 2020 National Qualifications results.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a web application designed to interact with customers and answer their enquiries quickly without the need for a telephone call or an email.

Continuously improving

The chatbot is only available on some pages – as we are still testing and improving it. If the pilot is successful, we can roll out to other pages in the future.

Sam has programmed responses to your questions, however, we will not have anticipated all your questions and Sam may give some responses that are incorrect.

We will be continuously adding or adapting responses based on your feedback.

Contact us

Sam is here 24 hours a day, but if Sam can’t answer your enquiry you can contact our advice line.

Candidate advice line

Hours: Tues 4 Aug: 8am – 6pm, Wed 5 to Fri 7 Aug: 8:30am – 5pm

Things to know about Sam