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SQA News 3 September 2020

Revision of English-related National Qualification (NQ) units

We have revised - and, in some instances, re-levelled - the following English-related standalone NQ units to ensure they remain current, valid, and continue to meet the needs of learners, teachers, and lecturers:

These units can be delivered in both the college and school sectors as part of a centre-devised course, on a standalone basis, or to supplement an existing course. A further unit - Creative Writing (SCQF level 6) - will follow shortly.

Please note that the revised units all have new codes.

We have also developed new assessment support packs for the Communication (SCQF level 5) and Introduction to Literature (SCQF level 5) units. These will be available shortly on the SQA secure site which can be accessed through your SQA co-ordinator.

If you have any questions about the revised units or assessment support packs, please contact Jay de Pellette-Super, Qualifications Officer for English and Literacy: