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SQA News 10 September 2020

Guidance on SQA units in 2020-21

We would like to acknowledge the collaboration and support of centres in working together to develop alternative assessment arrangements for learners during the unprecedented circumstances we have all had to face in the 2019-20 session.

We appreciate that some of you may be considering a more blended learning environment in the year ahead, and to help with this, we have continued to focus on three areas which we believe will support you and your candidates.

Combined assessment

For some qualifications, there may be an opportunity to develop a combined assessment model. You may already take this approach for some of our qualifications. We have published generic guidance on implementing such a model:

Supporting the delivery, assessment and verification of SQA units, session 2020-21: Information and guidance for centres

We will also be delivering a small number of online support events for our centres. We will email your SQA co-ordinator with invitations to join future meetings.

We will provide virtual subject-specific support to centres and we will publish further details of this in September. In the meantime, should you have any queries regarding this, please contact

Assessment requirements

For session 2020-21, we are looking at opportunities to provide adaptations to assessment requirements which will support a blended learning environment. We are currently reviewing these adaptations, given the need to return to unit requirements this year. We will begin publishing guidance on this immediately, together with publication dates for all subject-specific guidance.

External verification

We are finalising our approach to external verification for the year ahead. This will include virtual verification options, together with remote, visiting, and central activities. We will be publishing updated processes in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your continued support and co-operation.