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Co-ordinator Update 30 September 2020

Prior verification of Higher National and SQA Advanced Qualifications

SQA offers prior verification for centres who decide to develop their own unit assessment. We strongly recommend that centres request prior verification before using a centre devised assessment with candidates. The service ensures assessments are fit for purpose and will take about six weeks but could take longer if an issue is identified.

For session 2020-21, we have also built a suite of 'pre-verification services' to support centres, with guidance and supporting documentation to support whatever process you wish to undertake.

Pre-verification services are made up of three activities:

We are encouraging centres, particularly course teams, to consider and plan more innovative approaches to assessment, and to seek opportunities to combine assessment where there is commonality or duplication across units of study. We will also offer flexibility around conditions of assessment, making delivery more accessible for staff and students.  These approaches to assessment are discussed in detail in the guidance document 'Supporting the delivery, assessment and verification of SQA units, session 2020-2021'.  

Full information on prior verification or the pre-verification services will be available on our prior verification webpage from 2 October 2020.

Should you have questions about this, please email or call us on 0345 213 5928.