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SQA News 8 October 2020

NQ candidate evidence from 2019-20

We have decided that no further quality assurance will be carried out on evidence gathered in 2019-20 for these qualifications. This decision has been taken in recognition of the fact that teachers and lecturers determined unit results on the basis of partial evidence and their prior knowledge of learners, as well as the internal quality assurance processes in place in centres.

As a result, centres are not required to retain candidate evidence from 2019-20 any longer for these qualifications, for the purposes of external verification. You can therefore dispose of most evidence now, but please note that you may require to retain some evidence for individual candidates for other purposes (eg evidence related to an appeal, supporting evidence for a potential assessment arrangements audit).

Thank you for your ongoing support in ensuring that the hard work of Scotland's learners is recognised through our qualifications system now and in the future.