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SQA News 29 October 2020

Message sent to centres on 22 October 2020

Over the last few months, we have reviewed our approaches to assessment for all qualification types, to help centres with the management of assessment under the restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.  In addition, the recent increase in restrictions and the associated impact on centres delivering SQA qualifications, is causing increased concern in centres regarding their ability to complete all current assessment requirements, with the vast majority of teaching and learning taking place remotely.

Following this review, we are removing the need to complete the assessment of Graded Units (exam-based and project-based) in HNC, HND and ACD Group Awards for the current academic session 2020-21.  A small number of exceptions will be advised, for example where the qualification is linked with registration with a professional association or has mandatory responsibilities under a Qualification Partnership Agreement.

 What does this mean for centres?

What does this mean for candidates?

Generic guidance with examples for exam-based and project-based Graded Units will be produced to support centres with grading decisions. These decisions will be based on evidence that candidates generate during completion of the units in an award.

Further information on the adaptation to Quality Assurance activity will be communicated to all centres prior to qualification verification selections being released to centres.

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