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SQA News 12 November 2020

NQ verification in 2020-21

We are currently working on verification selections for 2020-21, taking a proportionate and risk-based approach. Centres with a 'not accepted' outcome from 2020 will be re-selected. Centres may also be re-selected for subjects where selections were cancelled in 2019-20. We will only verify evidence from learners undertaking the qualifications in session 2020-21.

Due to on-going COVID-19 social distancing requirements, our verification activities will be remote, using a combination of physical post and, wherever possible, digital technology. Please note that there will be no verification visits to centres in 2020-21. Where a discussion is required between you and the verifier, a virtual meeting can be arranged.

We will retain round 1 timescales and will release selections to centres via SQA Connect, or by email for Skills for Work, on Thursday 3 December. Uplift of materials will take place on Tuesday 12 January. If you have digital evidence, we will make arrangements with you for this to be submitted. We appreciate that there may be delays in learning and teaching and assessment this session so, if you are unable to meet the timescales, please contact the NQ verification team to discuss this by emailing

Thank you for your ongoing support in ensuring that the hard work of Scotland's learners is recognised through our qualifications system now and in the future.