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SQA News 12 November 2020

National 3 and National 4 Music Technology: provision of media files

We have published media files for session 2020-21 for National 3 and National 4 Music Technology. The files are available from our secure site and can be accessed through your SQA co-ordinator.

As detailed in the Arrangements for National 3 and National 4: Music Technology document which we published at the beginning of October, there are reduced evidence requirements for the assessment standards for the following National 3 and National 4 Music Technology units for session 2020-21:

Radio broadcast and studio multi-track contexts are available. A choice of two studio multi-tracks are available for National 4 candidates.

Some centres are not in a position to safely capture their own audio, due to restrictions regarding sharing and cleaning equipment such as microphones. However, if centres have the resources and facilities for candidates to capture their own audio, this is acceptable.

Due to copyright restrictions, Foley, sound design for computer gaming contexts, and audiobooks have not been provided, although candidates may still work in these contexts.

Files available from the SQA secure site

For each level, an overview document details the range of files available.

The multi-tracks are packaged for each level in a separate named folder. Each folder contains:

The track sheets for each package of files provide details of the microphone(s), type(s) of microphone and polar pattern(s), placements, and any additional information.

Candidates, in conjunction with their teacher or lecturer, should select the package of files to use in their project. Once the selection is made, teachers and lecturers should share the folder with the candidate.