Assessment resources

During session 2020-21, we published a range of optional assessment resources for National 5 to Advanced Higher, to help teachers and lecturers gather evidence for provisional results.

The deadline for submitting provisional results was 25 June. View the alternative certification model for more information on what happens next. 

Coursework assessment tasks

Coursework assessment tasks are available from our NQ subject pages.

For subjects that have an annually released assignment, such as Administration and IT, Computing Science, Design and Manufacture and Graphic Communication, these were published on the SQA Secure website (arrange access through your SQA Co-ordinator).

Question paper resources

We published 2020-21 question papers and marking instructions on the SQA Secure website (arrange access through your SQA Co-ordinator). 

These were an optional assessment resource that could be used in full or in part (or not at all). For example:

Digital question papers

We published digital question papers for disabled learners and learners with additional support needs.

These are interactive PDF versions of the question papers that can be used with speech recognition or text reading software, where this is installed, and they are available from the SQA Secure website (arrange access through your SQA Co-ordinator).

View more information on digital question papers.

Understanding Standards resources

Our wide range of subject-specific Understanding Standards resources explain and illustrate the national standards required in assessments. For session 2020-21, these included new resources to support teachers and lecturers with gathering evidence for provisional results.

Available from your NQ subject page.

How to create bespoke assessments

The following videos show how to extract content from published question papers to create your own bespoke assessments. Please note that the method described in the videos will create assessment content that is not accessible to any learners who require assistive technology such as text or screen readers, or who use braille. For these learners please follow your usual method of creating accessible, internal assessments.

CALL Scotland provide guidance on making assessment papers which may be useful when creating accessible assessments.

How to create your own bespoke assessments in Windows 10:

How to create your own bespoke assessments using Chromebook:

How to create your own bespoke assessments using an iPad: