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SQA News 26 November 2020

National 5 assessment resources — question papers

We have started to publish National 5 question papers and marking instructions. These are optional resources that teachers and lecturers can use when gathering evidence for producing estimates in session 2020-21.

View more information on National 5 question papers.

The question papers are available from the 'NQ Assessment Resources' section of the SQA Secure website, and teachers and lecturers can arrange access to them through their SQA Co-ordinator. When not in use, the question papers and marking instructions must be stored securely and treated as confidential. The content of the question papers must not be shared or discussed online - including on social media - or in any other location where they could be accessed by unauthorised persons.

Question papers and marking instructions are now available for the following subjects:

All question papers will be available by 4 December and we will provide further updates in SQA News.