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Co-ordinator Update 27 November 2020

2020-21 NQ Modifications: amendments to Higher Geography and Advanced Higher Modern Languages

We have made corrections to the '2020-21 NQ Modifications' document relating to Higher Geography and Advanced Modern Languages.

Higher Geography 

On page 12, under 'Modification of the question paper', the first bullet point now reads:

'the structure of this section, or the total marks for this section (50 marks scaled to 25 marks).'

Advanced Higher Modern Languages

On page 18, under 'Modification of the portfolio', the text now reads:

Coursework component 3: Portfolio will be removed from the course assessment for session 2020-21 only. This will reduce the number of course assessment marks by 30, with the revised overall total of 170 marks for course assessment in session 2020-21 only.

Also on page 18, under 'Modification of the performance-talking', the text now reads:

Component 4: length of performance-talking altered to 15-20 minutes for session 2020-21 only, to take account of the effect of removal of the portfolio (component 3) on the discussion in the performance-talking.

The updated document is available on SQA Connect under 'NQ Information'.