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Qualifications Guidance 2020-21

SQA has reviewed its approaches to assessment for all qualification types, to help centres with the management of assessment under the restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Staff should read the information below and read all associated guidance, which is available on the website. It is important that SQA Coordinators share any future communication updates with staff.

Graded Units

We are removing the need to complete the assessment of Graded Units (exam-based and project-based) in HNC, HND and SQA Advanced Qualification Group Awards for the current academic session 2020-21.

Grading will be determined by teaching staff directly involved in the delivery and assessment of the course using evidence generated during completion of the units in an award. There are a small number of exceptions, for example where the qualification is linked with registration with a professional association or has mandatory responsibilities under a Qualification Partnership Agreement.

Please read the full guidance here.

Adapting Assessment Conditions

SQA is supporting centres by offering a flexible approach to delivery and assessment for session 2020-21. This includes adapting assessment requirements for units in the Group Award. For instance, delivering a closed-book assessment open-book.

There are some exceptions so please read Supporting the delivery, assessment and verification of SQA units, session 2020-21 and the spreadsheet detailing subjects with restrictions on adaptations here.

Pre-Verification support

This free service is available to centres who want reassurance in adapting their closed-book assessments or using combined assessment approaches. If adapting an assessment, centres are not permitted to use SQA-devised closed-book ASPs and deliver as open-book. Centres wanting to adapt a closed-book assessment to open-book must use their own centre-devised assessments.

Centres can use SQA-devised open-book assessments and deliver online – you do not need to submit a pre-verification request for these as the conditions remain the same (open-book).

There is also the usual Prior Verification support. Please read more information here

Any enquiries should be directed to