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SQA News 10 December 2020

Using technology to support remote invigilation of assessment

We have updated our general guidance for centres who are using, or considering using, technology to support remote invigilation of assessment. Remote invigilation is where candidates undertake an assessment in a separate location from the invigilator, and where standard invigilation procedures therefore cannot be applied. This is accompanied by a Q&A document to provide answers to common questions. We have also published additional guidance on using technology to support remote assessment approaches in National Qualifications.

The guidance is not prescriptive. It intended to support centres in making their own informed judgements about how they could use technology to meet their needs, and it explores the different aspects of remote invigilation that centres need to consider.

Please note that this guidance only applies to qualifications where remote invigilation of assessment is possible and permissible, and in keeping with the requirements of any corresponding assessment strategies, as appropriate.

View Advice for centres on using technology to support assessment remotely

View Using technology to support assessment remotely: questions and answers

You can access this guidance from the Qualifications Guidance 2020­-21 section of our website.

We will also provide additional, specific guidance for National Qualifications.

We will continue to review the guidance, and accompanying questions and answers, periodically to ensure they remain relevant in light of any changes to Scottish Government public health guidelines and developments in technology.