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SQA News 14 January 2021

SQA customer survey

Over the next few weeks, we will carry out research amongst our centres which is designed to determine their satisfaction with SQA. In particular, we will be collecting information such as centre priorities, areas of satisfaction and dissatisfaction, SQA's performance, experience of problems with SQA, and SQA associations and perceptions. We carry out this research every year, and it is an essential way for our centres to let us know how SQA is performing.

We appreciate that this is a particularly challenging time for many of our centres. However, it is especially important that we are aware of your experiences, views and needs at this time. Accordingly, while we know these are difficult times for you, we would greatly appreciate if you could spare time to participate in this research. 

The research will be conducted by an independent market research consultancy - Ashbrook Research & Consultancy Ltd - on SQA's behalf.

A researcher from Ashbrook may contact your centre over the next few weeks. We would very much appreciate it if you were able to assist them with this research. The time commitment in completing the survey should be relatively minimal. We estimate that it should only take around ten minutes.

All responses that your centre provides will be entirely anonymous and confidential. In particular, Ashbrook will not attribute the views expressed by yourself and your colleagues to your school, college or training provider.