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SQA News 14 January 2021

SQA supports diversity in engineering pledge

SQA is the latest signatory to the Tomorrow's Engineering Code, which sees organisations work in partnership to promote diversity in engineering. The Code has established common goals which aim to inspire this generation of young people to enter a career in the sector. In signing up to the pledge, SQA joins 100 organisations involved in STEM activity across the UK, who together form the Code Community.

Alistair Wylie, SQA's Head of Technology, Engineering, Construction and Creative, says SQA is well placed to contribute to the Code's goals. He adds: “With the ever-increasing importance of STEM skills in the world of work, it is vital that SQA qualifications continue to be relevant and engaging. By working in partnership, the Code Community can help ensure learners gain the skills and experience they need to succeed.”

Drew McNeice, SQA Qualifications Manager for Technology, Engineering & Construction, says of the Code Community: “By harnessing our collective impact to improve the accessibility of STEM, we are giving more young people the chance of a varied and exciting career in the sector. Nurturing a motivated and diverse workforce has many benefits for the sector, and the country.”

Find out about the Tomorrow's Engineers Code and about SQA's wide range of STEM qualifications.