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SQA News 21 January 2021

Higher and Advanced Higher subject-specific guidance and assessment resources

We have started publishing Higher and Advanced Higher subject-specific guidance on gathering key evidence.

The subject-specific guidance advises the types of evidence you can use to determine a provisional result for each learner, with a focus on the quality of evidence rather than the quantity. This includes additional guidance for Graphic Communication, Design and Manufacture, Media, Music and Music Technology on how learners can progress ongoing work.

Guidance on gathering key evidence

Subject-specific guidance is now available for the following subjects:

You can access this guidance from the relevant NQ subject pages of our website. We will publish guidance for all subjects by Friday 29 January.

Assessment resources

Question papers and marking instructions are now available for the following subjects:

These assessment resources are available from the SQA Secure website. You can arrange access to them through your SQA co-ordinator. We will publish more assessment resources in the coming weeks.

View the publication schedule.

How to use the assessment resources

You have the option to use these assessment resources to support the internal assessment requirements for each subject. They can be used in full or in part, when appropriate.

In its update on 12 January, the National Qualifications 2021 Group has advised that the priority for schools and colleges during January should be to maximise learning and teaching time. Given the move to remote learning and the challenges learners face, the assessment of learner evidence cannot be undertaken unless young people have the foundation of teaching and learning of course content. This will impact on the timing of assessment, which can take place in the later stages of the 2020-21 session.

For more information, visit the NQ 2021 Hub on our website.