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SQA News 21 January 2021

Printed copies of 2020-21 question papers

Centres will receive printed copies of National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher question papers, for use in 2020-21, for subjects where the question paper includes high resolution images. We are providing printed copies to support centres and candidates, as we recognise that not all centres using the question papers will be able to print them in colour or replicate the quality and clarity of the images.

This week, we despatched printed copies of National 5 question papers for the following subjects:

National 5

Higher and Advanced Higher question papers will be published on our secure website over the coming weeks. We will provide centres with printed copies of the following Higher and Advanced Higher question papers, which we expect to despatch to centres in mid-February:


Advanced Higher

Centres will still be able to access PDF copies of these question papers on our secure website, and teachers and lecturers can extract content from the question papers as needed.

You have the option to use the 2021 question papers as internal assessments for gathering learner evidence to inform provisional results. The question papers can be split to support assessments which are carried out during class time.

Receiving your centre's delivery

Centres will receive printed question papers for each of the above subjects, based on candidate entry information. The materials will be packaged securely.

The materials are being despatched by Royal Mail. If there are no staff on site to receive your centre's delivery, the materials will be held by Royal Mail and will require redelivery. If you have any questions or concerns about your centre's delivery, please contact