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Co-ordinator Update 29 January 2021

Registering new and privately-tutored candidates

Learners who have previously studied at another centre or who do not attend school and are instead privately tutored, need to register with a school or college in order to be entered for their qualifications and awarded their grades. If you are approached by a learner asking to be registered, your Local Authority can support you with this should you need any help.  

Centres need to decide what candidate evidence they are prepared to accept and review in order to submit a provisional result. Centres also need to be satisfied that they can authenticate this evidence, this can be done in a number of ways including discussing the work with the learner and/or their tutor.

If you are unable to authenticate the evidence or you have no evidence upon which to base a provisional result for the learner you will need to withdraw them. If you choose not to proceed, the learner will need to be entered for the course by another SQA approved centre.  Your local authority may be able to advise the learner of any centres in the area that will accept new entries for external candidates.